When everything is getting smart, why not add cleaning gadgets to the list as well? Although a very straightforward purpose, cleaning gadgets if made smart, can relax the people of the house quite a bit.

Therefore, we have come up with a list of the TOP 10 SMART CLEANING GADGETS OF 2020 which will revolutionize how you think about cleaning your living room! With smart cleaning devices and gadgets, you can easily automate most of the work and maybe even clean up spaces that were impossible to clean before.

The TOP 10 SMART CLEANING GADGETS OF 2020 serve a mutual purpose, that is to serve you! By adding any one of the top 10 smart cleaning gadgets to your list you will be getting a huge burden off your shoulders are getting robots to do your job is just what we want in the modern world, because who knows when this changes.

Regardless, the TOP 10 SMART CLEANING GADGETS OF 2020 are here to make your job easier and they will be doing that for sure! So here it is, the TOP 10 SMART CLEANING GADGETS OF 2020 in all their glories:


Patented cleaning system
Brushing, agitation, and suction
Side brushes for smart cleaning
Self-charge when not in use

Vacuuming, although a big upgrade from the traditional mopping cleaning methods, is still a big hassle and getting it into tiny spaces is a big problem that results in the accumulation of dust in small spaces where the vacuum is inaccessible.

IROBOT ROOMBA aims to eliminate this problem with smart brushes on the sides which sense the surrounding dimensions and are able to work in tight spaces which means that only are your floors clean, the parts previously inaccessible, are now clean as a whistle.

This Roomba 650 Robot will give your house a thorough vacuuming thanks to its 3 stages patented cleaning system that guarantees to pick up all of the dust using a combination of brushing, agitation, and suction.


Odor filtering
Harmless infrared sensors used

For those who find it leaning towards the trash can to open it up, in order to put the trash in, no worries because of lean no more! A silicon valley company believes that by having sensors in trash cans, the leaning can be eliminated by making the can sense your presence when you place your hand 6 inches above the can through infrared sensors.

It seems like this is a little over the top but when you’re in full flow of making your kitchen smart, why not add in a smart bin.

The smartness does not end here, it also has a robust carbon odor filtration system to keep the bad odor from spreading, and absorbs it. A unique entry into the list of the TOP 10 SMART CLEANING GADGETS OF 2020.


Cleans the air of allergens and pet odor
Kills airborne bacteria
Recommended for a large size room
Not too different from regular air purifiers

Let’s face it, folks! global warming is not ending any time soon, even worse it is just deteriorating further. In such circumstances, one would definitely want an air cleaning system in the house for those who consider hygiene as their top priority.

That is exactly what GERMANGUARDIAN aims to provide. Apart from killing airborne bacteria, it also rids the air of allergens such as pollen dust and mites as well as pet odor.

Charcoal purifying is at work with this one, and it works efficiently and quietly making sure that you breathe the best kind of air!


Automatic soap dispensing
Stylish design for your washroom
8oz capacity

Why give dryers sensors for touch-free access and not get the same tech into soap dispensers. Well, now some company has and that is SIMPLEHUMAN. Making the process of soap automatic is more important than we think.

Why add the germs on your hands on the dispensing button which probably transfer to the next one who touches it, when you can make the entire process automatic.

One of the underrated entries of the SMART CLEANING GADGETS OF 2020, this smart soap dispenser does one job and does it right, the way it should be done!


Automatic cleaning or using a remote controller
Strong absorption features
Three different cleaning routines

How about making window cleaning? get yourself this ALFAWISE window cleaner from our list of TOP 10 SMART CLEANING GADGETS OF 2020, get the remote controller and start playing! Its that simple!

Allowing for multiple usage ways, either by a button or a remote controller, the window cleaner removes oil stains and dust marks and cleans the window well automatically by the start button or by you controlling it with a remote controller.

Thanks to its strong absorption capacity, this works very well and there is nothing better than somebody else doing your work! Even better when the one doing the work is a robot!


Multiple settings for multiple rooms
Ergonomic design for cleaning corners’
Extra large dustbin

Another smart vacuum, and this time it does more for more! Using an app, you can control its features. The design is d-shaped as to make it easier to get rid of the dirt that hides in corners. Not only this but it also cleans out allergens and is perfect for people with pets in their houses.

Overlook the price and you will be just fine because it really redefines how we see a smart vacuum.

You can have separate settings for separate rooms and its ultra-wide capacity and ultrafilter make sure there is no odor and your house is as clean as a whistle!


Flushes and cleans automatically
Simple setup
Simple usage
Ugly design

Well, one thing is sure while reading this list of the top 10 smart gadgets of 2019. Pets are real mess makers and having some assorted smart devices for them as well is always a good idea.

CATGENIE thinks the same and that is why they present to us the self-flushing cat box. Self-explanatory, the device flushes away waste and automatically keeps it clean with an inbuilt program.

With a simple setup and the touch of a button, you can forget about dealing with cat litter for good.


Smart and efficient
Increases lifespan of clothes
King-size capacity

Finally a washing machine! Washing clothes is a very integral part of the entire cleaning process and with automatic machines taking over, it is just been made very easy to wash clothes now, but is it smart? KENMORE clarifies the situation by introducing the KENMORE SMART which is a smart

washing machine with Alexa support and having king-sized capacity further helps for cleaning up massive loads quickly and within half an hour.

The Accela wash technology treats common stains well and deep cleaning makes for clothes that come out of the machine as good as new. Its king-size capacity is capable of fitting up to 28 large towels giving you more freedom to do other things which is great.


Amazing smart tech
Automatic virtual boundary
Multiple modes and automatic selection
Gets into corners with intelligent designing

IROBOT is deeply involved in the cleaning business and has the sole aim of making the cleaning smart and efficient at the same time. That is why it has multiple entries in the TOP 10 SMART CLEANING GADGETS OF 2020 list.

This mop is automatic, and with the click of a button, its cleaning heads will get into a position to clean your floors and make them all shiny again!

Getting into hard-to-reach places and below cabinets and cleaning the entire house as it means it! Not only this it offers multiple cleaning modes, and to top it all off, it selects the modes automatically by scanning the area around it. Creates virtual boundaries to make it work in squares and room by room.


Multiple brush heads
Works on stovetops and bathroom tiles
Very Cheap
Not very smart

Relieving one of the manual efforts of cleaning can be a big thing and smart cleaning gadgets are exactly doing that in the smallest yet significant ways. Inspired by electric toothbrushes, it comes with multiple types of brushes to work on a variety of surfaces, making the process easier and faster.

It covers almost everything: from stovetops to bathroom tiles. Although not entirely automatic, and needs a person to handle it. What it does handle, it does it with perfection and doesn’t break a sweat while doing it!

Final Words:

These TOP 10 SMART CLEANING GADGETS OF 2020 are heard to spoil us and they are doing it perfectly because how much easier they make cleaning seems to be a miracle and bit by bit, they are reducing human effort to the very least so that all that we need to do is relax and push the buttons of each one of these devices and assign them each a job, which they will definitely be doing, like a boss!

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